Gamesday 2013 Cologne Part 1

Hey out there,

the Gamesday 2013 cologne is over. All I can say is we had a great time!

You can see the winning entries on Massive Voodoo.

I can only tell you my impressions. If I would have to do this with one word it would be "awesome!"
Most of the german and international painters met at the bar of the hotel the evening before Games Day and took their entries with them. It was great to see all the perfect paintjobs, holding them in your hands and getting answers on so many questions. Here are some pics of the arrival and evening:

5th dimension arrives...

..but some international where faster...

Barfrau, Malektih, SkelettetS, Gus (thanks ;-) ), MrLee


Cool things (the plinth left is a great idea!)

Solmars Imperial Fist

My favorite miniature painted by Ana from russia.

If I remember right it was the entry of Mateo Murelli

Masterpiece! The freehands on the stuff are really nice man.

Darkmessiahs entry nr.1 ...

...and nr.2, great paint job John!

A room full of skill ;-)

...but the evening wasn`t over...

   ...the painting night just began!!! be continued...


  1. Nice start mate! The little guy beside me in the third photo is Gus from UK! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts on the event.

    Was great to see you all though! And can't wait for the next event that I can attend and meet you all again!

  2. Awesome sauce! It was good meeting all of you guys there again! Can't wait for the next event (and part 2 of the report! ^^)