Dust Assualt Walker Update

Hello folks!

With GDDE out of the way I can move my focus back to some older non GW projects, first up is the Dust Tactics Medium Assault Walker, from the last time everyone seen it I finished off the final highlights, applied some Industria Mechanika decals and applied the winter white wash. I must admit to being a little nervous applying the white wash, I did invest in some AK Interactive heavy chipping fluid to ensure I had the most control over the effect as I could possibly have, but in he end I am actually really happy with the effect and with such a strong tone underneath it I think it really stands out!

Next up was to use white oil paint to create a streak effect to show the white wash being washed away, it's a bit time consuming and fiddly but I think it was well worth it!

I've also made a start on the metallics, still early days!

The petrol canister will be getting a change of paint soon.

I am taking step by steps pictures for an article, so if you curious as to how I've achieved an effect or tow you'll find out soon and also, the waterfall step by step is half written, I just have to recreate the splashing water effect as I didn't get the chance to take pictures.

As always leave a comment, let me know what you think :)


PS take not of the subtle colour change between from the first two pictures to the last 4, shooting at night compared to day makes a big difference!


  1. Very Cool effect! Is it only white wash and white and gray oilcolor? Looks really realistic. :-)

    1. Pretty much fella, I sprayed AK's heavy chipping fluid, then space wolf grey over that, then white into the areas where the white wash would either build up or areas I deemed important. Chipped that back then came in with white oils and did the streaks :)