DAKKA DAKKA! A Finished Jet Fighter, GDDE and The Weekend Workshop

Wow! What a hectic couple weeks it has been!

I had my first workshop in Cambridge at the beginning of the month and then obviously Gamesday Germany last weekend, both would usually leave me knacked just on their own, but having both together, totally drained me of life! Fortunately the signs of recovery sprouted on Wednesday and I have been finding myself in a more productive mood!

For those who don't know about my workshops, I invite top painters from around Europe over to the UK to teach 2 day painting workshops under the name The Weekend Workshop, I've just finished writing the review from the Cambridge workshop today, so, if I've peaked your curiosity your can read the review and see pictures from the workshop Here! And if you want to keep up to date with workshops in the future, give our Facebook page a like Here!

Gamesday Germany

I must admit it was a mixed GD for me, social, it was fantastic, like always, great food, great beer, great people, getting to hang out with the Danes, the Spanish, the French (yes I did say the French, they are cool guys and girls!) and of course the geeky Germans and my fellow blogger, was superb, is superb, will always be superb, GDDE is the best Gamesday* and has been for a good long while (yes, even better than GDUK, infact miles, miles better than UK).

However, the competition side of it for me was disappointing, I myself have been aiming for a demon now for about 2 and a half years and I was hoping that I would finally be up to the standard where if I worked really hard on my entry I could seriously compete for a demon, unfortunately that doesn't appear to be the case just yet, whilst the Slann did pick up a finalist pin, the Grot Fighter didn't, I am not entirely sure why, I didn't ask for feedback, which wasn't very smart of me (you should always ask for feedback!).

It may have also been my last chance to compete for a demon this year, GDIT is a pain to get to (and am looking at going to Monte San Savino a few weeks after) and I have some big issues with GDUK, I really don't enjoy the competition side of it, however,the thought of a mob of Spanish, French and German painters running around Birmingham trying to find there future wives and husbands fills me with delight, so yea, compelling reasons to go and not to go!


Here is the completed Grot Fighter, although I had him 99% finished a few weeks ago I waited and allowed the paintjob to sorta 'sink in' before finishing it a few days before GD, I always find it useful once I've finished a model to leave it to one side for a week or two, it helps me take a step back and return to the model with fresh eyes, I find it easier to spot mistakes and areas that need improving. This is exactly what the Slann is going through at the moment (yes I did finish him!!), finished pictures of him will more than likely be up next week, along with a tutorial for the waterfall effect!

If you would like to vote for the Grot Figher on CMON, you can find him Here!, or if your on Putty and Paint you can find him Here! **

Thanks, John

*this claim does not include the Spanish GD of 2012, even though the Gamesday itself wasn't the best I have been to, the painters meal the night before was total and utter wonderful, wonderful madness, Slaanesh itself would have been proud!

**NB If you do not give the Grot Fighter a vote of 11 on cmon or platinum on P&P it will result in extreme nerd rage and or possible assassination attempts :P Obvious I am joking, if you are mad enough or attentive enough to be reading this please just give the Fighter the score you think it deserves :)


  1. Was great to meet you finally John. And I am really thinking that you will get to that Demon soon enough! Just need to really dig deep considering the categories you participated in. They were really tough!

    Can't wait till I move to UK and can participate in some of your workshops as well! Looking forward to it!

  2. I really like grots, and this little flying ace is mint. Love it. I recently started a 40k blog, showcasing the best painted miniatures and artwork. Would you mind if I share some of your work if I accredit and post links?