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It´s time to spread some news about our lovely hobby! This could be new - or not so new ;) - facts in blogs, boards or webpages. Additionally I will try to slip in more facebook pages. But before I will start with a small link collection about the last german Games Day in Cologne. The are known blogs and pages, but maybe you will find some new stuff :) So let´s start!

German Games Day

Reports and reviews:

5-th-dimension #1
5-th-dimension #2
Dellolyns Pics

Massive Voodoo #1
Massive Voodoo #2
Massive Voodoo #3

The Big Mr. Lee package:
The people
AoP and GW Stuff
Winners and Pics

Bottega Moderna Pics
Gamesday Germany 2013 #1
Gamesday Germany 2013 #2
Gamesday Germany 2013 #3
Gamesday Germany 2013 #4

Volomir´s Blog #1
Volomir´s Blog #2
Volomir´s Blog #3

The ultimative Games Day Link collection on! Thanks for that effort Micha.
The Vincis (report and cool pics of Crazy Wenkys Entry. Gratz mate - You did it :D )
Pinselwut: Self reflection after "losing" on GD Germany
The Brushbrothers Blogspot: GD Germany
Tuffskulls report and entries
Das Bemalforum (go to the last pages)
GW-Fanworld (very funny^^)

Entries on different plattforms:
(It´s only what I realy like, sorry when it´s not complete and i missed something cool stuff! Feel free to post others ín the comments)

Imperial Fist Standard Bearer by Solmar
HUGE Step by Step of Volomir´s entry. Thanks for that :)
Slayer Sword Special on Mr. Lee´s painting emporium
Blood Angels legion Paetor by Manuel Wenkert
"Arbaal the Undefeated" by Georg Damm
Painting Buddha Entries (US and Ger) on YouTube
Camelson´s entries
Shejtans entry on DarkSideOfColors
Dakka Dakka jet-Fighter by John Harrison
Blackorc by Siggi Hauke
Different Miniatures by Malekith
The Undead Warrior by Siggi Hauke
The Wolve Guard  by Siggi Hauke

Bloggernews #8:

Sproket's Small World
Since a long time I followed David´s stunning creating this awesome Dark Eldar Diorama. Now it´s finished! I like his way of painting, and inspired by him and others cool units on the german GD, I started an own project with Dark Eldar and demonic Ladys. But more to this in the future. Very good work David, and thanks for sharing!

Romain Van den Bogaert
Whitout any words he creates awesome art

The abondend mini by Solmar
Interesting post about a 'lost' mini. @Solmar: Nevertheless  I like him ;)

Mr. Lee's Painting Emporium
Met Kyle the first time in Cologne and all I can say: Nice to meet you mate! :) Check out his honest, and taken from real life blog! It´s always a pleasure to read it :)

It´s big, it´s huge and it´s gigantic ..... Cang on theVincis
Unfortunately I missed the HvB this year, but i hope there is an other chance to see him live. Our good old friend Big 'Vado' Panda did a great job with this stunning model.

Skinkpriest on
One of the most seen GW mini in the last weeks, is the new Skinkpriest. I think it has two reasons: it´s a nice cast, and the it´s a good mini for colorfull and shiny colors. I like him :) On monkeyman7x you will find a cool kind of. But don´t miss his other stuff!
IHorror on facebook
One of my favourite pages on facebook. Every day some crazy stuff about Horror movies and more. And always a good inspiration for new bloody paintings :)

5-th-dimension on facebook
We are on the best way to get 200 fans! Thanks for that, and maybe the number "200" gets a small present ;)

Stan Winston School of Art
Learn Monster making from the Masters!

Painting Classes:
Basing Masters by 'The Artifist' in Regensburg
GeOrc Blending Workshop featuring Malektih in Munich
2th dimension Painting Class with Simon Elsen in Trier
GeOrc Blending Workshop in Göttingen (maybe I´m in too ;) )

I wish you a great weekend!

All the best,


If you missed some Bloggernews, here we have a small list :)
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Bloggernews #5: Candles, Pro-Painter and Art
Bloggernews #6: Sculpting, Giger, Nurgle and the last Banana
Bloggernews #7: Warlords, Lava and awesome paintjobs
Bloggernews #8 + GAMES DAY SPECIAL


  1. Thanks for the plug Siggi, and great to meet you also! Was a great little event, can't wait until next year!

  2. sadly you skipped mine :/

  3. No worries Dr. Lee ;)

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