Tutorial: Socketlabel "bullet holes"

Hey freaky painters,

today I want to show you how I did the socketlabel for my "gunbot", looking like a wall with bullet holes.

What do you need?
  • 1 aluminium sheet (I use 0,3mm from aero-naut, 40mm x 80mm)
  • a nail or similar
  • sponge
  • sandpaper
  • a base and patterfix or similar to fix the label
...and the colours:
  • primer black/white
  • a black 
  • a white
  • liquid mask (vallejo)
  • feel free using every color you like
Step by step
...lets go!

cutting out the sheet and polish it whit a sandpaper

use the nail to push dents and holes into the sheet (I use the writing "gunbot")
fix the sheet with patterfix (I use a bowl with the same radius as my plinth)
I choosed a imperial fist label as artwork for my label
this are the colors I use (different browns and yellows)
start with a layer of the base color
a wash of darkseablue in the holes
after painting a color gradient from dark brown to a yellow brown I spot the right side with some spots of liquid mask by using a sponge.
painting the contoures of the freehand (what looking like water is the dried liquid mask)
painting the rest of the freehand and some lights
after the color is dried abrade the liquid mask with your fingers
spot a black wash into the bullet holes
paint the lower edge of the bullet holes with pure white color for mor contrast
wash the whole label with a very thin layer and paint vertical lines with a very thin brown/black under every bullet hole

Finished (I fixed the label with two small nails and paint them nmm silver/brown)
You can weather it more crazy but I want for this a not to bad looking.

Have fun trying :-)

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