Tutorial checkout #3 splashing water

Hey guys,

some of you would know my Lorelei WIP, the entry for the Brushbrother and -sisters Contest 2013.

My idea was a big wave in front of the cliff, but I want to test the tutorial first. So here is me high elve water mage.

All materials by vallejo.
 The tutorial I want to check is splashing water way is by C'tan / fantasiegames.com.pl. (by the way a very inspiring page!)
First painting the ground and the wave because the splashing water will be transparent.

For the splashing waves I use a plastic champagne glass because the plastig is thin but strong. Use a hair-blower and a nipper to form the waves like you will.

I fix the waves additional with super glue.

Now it`s time for the water effects gel by vallejo. Don't use it to thick, better built the volume up in small steps. (If the layers are to thick the result will be not complete transparent!)

...second layer...

...after 3 layers and 24 hours drying. I like the result.

After the water effect was completely dry I use the still water by vallejo to filling up the holes in the middle of the base. You can also use the vallejo foam snow to creat foam on the water, but you can also use a normal acryl color. (Foam snow is simply a very opaque white color)

What should I say, easy and great!

Have fun trying!