The Grot Fighter Nears Completion!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope your well! I haven't posted in a few weeks and I must admit I've had a little drop in my painting mojo, a combination of waiting for materials to arrive and the summer heat wave was killed the amount of painting hours I've been putting in, but, do not despair! I have been chipping away at the Grot Fighter and the Slann, I've also been working on a step by step for the flowing water and waterfalls I'll be using on the Slann dio. Clicky for a peak of my test result.

So here are some pictures of the Grot Fighter, I have mostly been working on getting the base finished, I've added back the tempest wing that came off a month or so ago, it received some freehand attention (it's always important when you paint for a competition to show the judges you've got the technical ability to create freehand and the wing was the ideal place to do it), I've also added the name plate, "DAKKA, DAKKA!" seemed quite appropriate as it tends to be the first thing people think of when they see it!

I have also been working on a few details on the plane, I've finally sorted out the rust, whilst am not 100% happy with it, I think its the best I can do at the moment, it was always going to be difficult making the orange rust stand out from the yellow, I ended up using a very saturated orange (VMC Orange Fluo) for the rust and a mix of a saturated blue and purple (VMA Dark Sea Blue and Cryla Heavy Body Deep Violet) for the darker patches.
The keen eyed amongst you will also notice the clear sorta 'lenses' iv added to the grot's goggles and the fuel gauge, the lenses were created with a bit of 5 min epoxy glue blobbed on with a toothpick, its a very easy technique but its quite effective and something you don't see too often. Also I've added shell casings falling out of the gun, these are spent bullet casing from Zinge Industries, they are a small GB company I found at Salute, they do lots of bits for conversions, well worth checking out!

At the moment the fighter isn't finished, there are still a few areas that need smoother blends (his scarf and the nose cone for example), the ground work on the base still needs another half hour and the under side of the plane needs some definition, probably about 3 hours work all together!

If you have an questions or thoughts leave them down below!




  1. Que maravilla, por dios .Que la escena este inclinada le da un toque muy intersante y ademas que rompe con las vistas normales de ir en plano

  2. Hi John,
    this one looks awesome.
    Nice viewing angle.

    The black and yellow stripes look a bit unsymetrical. But hey, its just a weedy grot...

    See you in cologne.

    1. Hey Harald! How you doin man?? The hazard stripes aren't 100% perfect, but iv dicked about with em so much apart from smoothing the blends am not touching em, the differences are less than a mm, so I ain't too concerned!

      See you in Cologne fella!!