Something pink

Hello folks!
Just a slight life sign, in between workworkwork right now i paint tiny pink monsters.  3 of 5 done for my trip to Cologne!

Ive also just recently finally re-finished and submitted the qouvandious miniature, it got broken on the tour to ukgd last year and was beyond repair at the moment. So if you wonder about the blue light on the back - his lamp broke! :) He is soon to be returned to uk though, this time for the final slumber.

Otherwise, lost the painting mojo completely for some time ago and instead went heavily into the X-wing miniature game, really cool stuff. totally recommended. especially if you're a star wars fan. Nice balance of strategy and dice rolling. Not die hard rules and a scenario can be played in a few (1-3) hours.   

pioo pioo pioo.. take that luke skywalker!

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  1. Wow this banner. I think I can stop painting my unit for 40K now xD