Slann Painting Progress and Waterfalls!

Good evening ladies and gents, I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! I myself have been busy making progress on the Slann diorama, I am trying to make good progress each day to ensure its ready before Golden Demon Deutschland, there are 5 weeks until GDDE and whilst that sounds like an eternity when I sit down and count the hours, I know for a fact its going to run out very quickly!

So on to the progress, I am trying to stick to my orange and blue contrasting colour scheme, for the most part am happy with the colours I've got, the likes of the stairs, the roots and the totem are all working nicely together, however, the column and flag don't quite work for me at the moment, I think the colours are a little too saturated so will have to play with them.

The ground work in general will have pigments and oils applied to increase the depth and variation (its just airbrush work atm!), am holding off painting the likes of the fire in the brazier the gems in the totem and the carving at the bottom until my order of Dayglow Pigments arrive from Forged Monkey, I want to use them to create a magical feel to those elements and the Slann.
Also pictured are the Jungle paper leaves packs number One and Four, although they are green I've added blue and orange spots and colour fades in there to tie them into the colour contrast.

WATERFALLS! For anyone who is new to the projects or missed the brief intro to the dio, the Slann will be suspended in mid air, held up by water pouring out of the mouths on his throne.
Whilst am fairly experienced with water effects I haven't done anything quite like this, so I shall be testing a few things out to see what combination of techniques give the best result and I will make sure to lob my findings up on the blog.
I shall be testing clear fishing wire and Water Effects (my tried and tested) combined with Clear Resin Smeared over Synthetic Fibre (skip to about 39 mins in to see the technique) and the Massive Voodoo Plastic Waterfall technique. I think the combination of the three will give me a strong enough waterfall to support the model and a realistic splashing/cascading water effect!

If you reached this far congrats! I know this has been a bit of a talky post (I blame the brandy!), hopefully your finding ideas and inspiration to take away and use on your own work! If you have any thoughts to add, make sure to leave a comment!



  1. Looking good! Arbal at coloured dust does some cool stuff with waves and water FX too.

  2. Really nice, very inspired!