Pre-GD update!

Its two weeks left to GD and well, have to say im actually finished with my entries. I have a Unit 40k, a fantasy monster and a 40k vehicle ready for action. For more or less daily information you can join my just recently created site at facebook; Skelettet S Minis.

40k Unit, actually not blue but pink horrors. just finished these suckers the other day

Whfb monster, the toad and the rider. can be watches closer in the gallerie of the Golden Vinci online contest. although, it has been pimped with paper plants, mosquitoes and fruit flies. kindly donated body parts.

i also have the contemptor for 40k vehicle, which also could be shown in the Golden Vinci gallery. It got a new plinth (yeah i know the other one sucked, it was an emergency solution at the point i had to register it for the competition) many thanks to dimension member Michael!

so what to do now... two weeks til GD any everything finished? noting to do? that cant be... oh emptyness...

Found this model in my mini box. It has to do for a short project the last days. no panic, just for fun. it however is an "old" finecast so its nowhere near perfect. prep job is going to be half the job here...

i also pimped my transport box a little. felt kind of akward to carry around a box that looked like something you tranport bombs in.

over and out folks, hope to see many of you in KÖLN!

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  1. I'm looking forward what you will do with the LotR miniature :-)
    Something very badass looking?