How to sculpt a belt


after a weekend of preprepre GD painting madness, some motivation deeps and of course heat as hot as hell I decided to share my first try of sculpting a leather belt with you.

Lets go:

first u need GreenStuff, your sculpting tools, some NIVEA cream, or every other greasy cream, something u can sculpt on, some toothpicks, somethign to roll out the GreenStuff, a knife, a drybrush brush and some superglue.

Now you mix some GS, and put on some NIVEA cream on your sculptingpad, to be sure that the GS will not cling on it after sculpting has finished.
Levigate the cream, and roll the GreenStuff to a little roll. After that, put it on the pad and use a little tube or something like that, to roll it out to make it flat. Control the size, to be sure, it will not be too thick.
Now you can add some scratches and usingmarks, to let it look a bit older. Use your drybrush for that.

Hint: scratch fast over the GS, and the marks will be very flat
        scratch slow over the GS, and the marks will be deeper
Now wait for about an hour or two, to let the GS dry a bit. When it is dry enough, u can cut out your thin strips. That will be your belt. When u cut into the GS, and it gets deformated, its not dry enough. wait a bit longer ;)
Now you have to wait until its completely dry.
Small hint here:
Take your time to let it dry. Do not put it into the oven XD
So, new GS is made, and it´s dry. so start seperating the strips. when u worked good with the cream, u can put them off very easy.

Cut out your beltparts now. I used the typical form for it.
OK, now it gets really tricky. It´s time for the belt-buckle. Use some wire, I used 0,25mm, and bend it in a typical form. Use a tang for it, to et realistic edges.
Now use the straight cutted part of the GreenStuff strip, and glue it on. roll the GS over it and glue it on also. just like a real belt.

Take the other part of the belt now, and drill some holes in it. Glue th etwo parts together. But be carefull to put the drilled holes in the right position. U have to be able to add the small stick into the buckle on the right place
OK, now the smallest part of the buckle has to be added. The small stick that holds the belt together. Use the wire again, and fix it with superglue. breething, breething, stop breething aaaaaaand fixed ;)
OK, last step:
cut out two more strips. they will be rolled around the balt, to fix the overlaying part. Unfortunatelly there is no pic of it glued on, but you can see it in the final pic

And here is the result. To get a feeling for the size, I added a 1cent coin next to the belt.

I think its a pretty simple technic with anice result. Hope you like it. :)

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  1. Thanks for that, I have been messing around with lead foil & plastic card for years, this looks much easier!