Greets from the Workbench!

Hey folks!

After i finished my final exam, i had more time to paint. In the last days i was very productive. Here are some pics on my desktop:

 Thanks to Roman and Raffa! YOUR BOOK IS ART, and i´m very proud to be an owner of it :) 

This Undead warrior starts with huge visions. At first i would like to create a big diorama between Undead creatures. It was to much work :) 
Than i decided to built a duell between two of them. Never built it!
The next idea was to built a small diorama with three undeads and a huge Banner. The freehands on the banner were good, but there were not the quality that a would like to reach. 

Now there is one warrior left, and i´m feeling very well with it. The colors are on point, and i did good blendings. The whole composition fits in my eyes :) 
More pictures coming soon.

 And here they are: The Rosting Rotting Renegades! (not finished yet)
Thanks again to Tuffskull for the name (i didn´t forget you ;) )
For more infos about the team, klick HERE, HERE, HERE  and HERE

 Stairway to .... ? We will see ;)

 Every good post need a pic pf brushes!

Btw: Usally i used the good old W&N Series 7 to paint. Every second (or more) painter loves the W&N´s but sometimes they are not statisfying for me. I can´t explain why. Sometimes i miss the good feeling when using them. I´m going over to the cheaper one da Vinci´s now. Maybe there are not the best quality, but i like them very well.

And this guy is always watching me while i´m painting. 
Count it as lovley teeeeeeeaaaaaser! More about amusment parks in the next days.

Enjoy your week, enjoy the 5-th-dimension, and we are looking forward to see you guys at the Games Day in Cologne!



  1. Awesome blog and awesome minis, i just discover it and it's full of inspirational work, i really love the conversions on the Necrons. And your painting level is impresive. Keep working and have fun, i will follow you!

  2. Maybe try the Raphael 8404 Brushes. I love them. :) On my blog there is a comparison with W&N Series 7