A Small Update on the Slann Diorama

Hiya folks!

I thought it was about time I gave you a little update on the Slann diorama, I've been grinding away on a few bits and pieces, grind painting isn't something I usually do, I always try to break up the boring, grindy bits with some fun stuff, on this project the fun bits would be the flames, the gems and the osl, but I haven't been able to work on them because am still waiting on the Forged Monkey dayglow pigments I ordered, it looks like the Post Office has conspired to misplace the package, luckily for me, my white knight Mr Juli Artfist has came to the rescue and has posted me out the full set, I'll receive them sometime next week and ill finally be able to breath some life into this project!

The bits I have been working on are the metallics, the right side of the Slann and generally tightening things up on him (her, it, idk!), the column is 85% finished, I've been adding more reddy brown washes to the rocks to help maintain the colour harmony, plants have been added, many more will follow, I've been increasing the light/dark contrast on the throne (although you cant really see it in the pictures *shakes fist in mild irritation*), the waterfalls have been progressing, am quite confident I'll get a really cool, realistic effect (the last picture is the result I achieved from Christian Petit's synthetic fibre and resin technique, will be very useful for splashes), although I'll have to wait until the throne is totally painted before I can get stuck in to the water effects!

So not quite the rapid progress I'd like, a few more brandy and brush nights ill be back on track, hopefully next time I post Slann progress I'll have lots of shiny saturated gems, flames and OSL to show ya!



  1. *thumbs up* You paint a very good looking szene, looking forward to see the finished project in Cologne :-D

  2. Water :D :D I love it. Can you tell me where you got the little fire thing attached to the pillar from?

    1. I actually made that myself Simon, lobbed a ball bearing into my pin vice so the top of it was exposed, put a thin layer of milliput and green stuff on top, allowed it to almost set then carefully peeled it off and let it set totally, then the flames I sculpted in green stuff, its pretty easy if u catch the GS/Milli before its totally set :)

  3. In the name of the old ones... looks really great so far.

    One thing i don´t like, and till now i tought it is still ok, but i have to tell you now. because there is still some time left far a change.
    the column looks out of place for me.
    because, it looks to short and thin compared to the slann. and for me lizardmen architecture should be rectangular.
    yes it ist maya inspired and they used round columns but somehow it don´t fits in this scene.
    Maybe change for a jungle tree or a rectangular one??

    On the throne you could add some little cracks in the stone to add more detail.

    see you