Trying sculpting my first mini #1

Hey hobbyfreaks,

because of the release of BeeSPutty I'm motivated trying to sculp my first miniature. So I start a project by the way; Vampire in the dawn.

...something like this ;-)
Big thanks to Darkspawn from miniature fairy tales who told me the first staps and where I can find help and also big thanks to Mati from massive voodoo for his tutorial.

Here my first results:

... just for fun :-)


  1. Very nice idea about the Vampire and the sun. One Thing though, I thought the green stuff was supposed as bonding agent for the wire and the other sculpting putty while it is still sticky. I don't think that it is supposed to harden on its own.

    1. Yes,normaly. BeeSPutty is differend, you didn't need the green stuff as bonding. You can do all with BeeSPutty. But I want a fixed amatur. With BeeSPutty I have to bake it after every step to harden it. And the first step is only to mask the conductor, so greenstuf was perfect for my wanted function ;-)