Socket #2

Hey guys,

my new socket gallery is ready. The idea is aplace where you can see what is possible, and a gallery to inspirate you.

Here is the last update, hope you like;

Some of the plinths you will see at gamesday this year :-) I'm very proud about this.
And for all who say:
 "nice, but I can't get them so what should I say about?",
 I'm brood over to give you a chance that at least some of you can get one.

And don't forget, send me your ideas for more diversity.
(or a figure/diorama you want paint and have no idea for a plinth, everything could be helpful!)


  1. Ah they all look beautiful, nice work :) Great to see stuff like this at a time when I'm thinking of pimping my bases, good luck ^^

  2. really nice creative stuff, love to see some tutorials on making some of the more basic ones...

    1. to pimp a simple socket? In the next weeks I will post some easy ways to made a normel socket unique with materials you can find at the most households ;-)

  3. Aye, sounds like a good idea, don't forget dried Rosemary! Looking forward to that :)

  4. I think pimping a base is a great idea and these look perfect. I have a younger brother who is a bench joiner - I might ask him to make me some like these, from offcuts.

    Also, do you think the other painters on this site would mind if I post pictures of their models on my blog too? I already have a couple of you guys up.