Review: Jeremie Bonamant Taboul - Volume 1

Hallo to all the tutorial friends like me,

it's time for the review about Jeremies - Volume 1. Let's go:

Volume1 is a two DVD box with two very nice designed DVDs.

- 8 1/2 hours playtime
- format 4:3 high quality (see screenshots below)
- audio; French, English
- subtitle; French,English,German,Italian,Spanish

The DVD starts with a small introducing of Jeremie and his workspace. The next capitel is about Jeremies own stil and materials he use.

 After this Jeremie explain his ground and most used technics.
As you can see he explain this at separate miniatures.
 ( ...for those who want to try at the same miniatures,you can glean the name and the manufature you can buy them on different fade-ins.)
 For better explainations Jeremie use differend art designs in small theory capitels.
 Jeremie als shows how to creat different bases, scenerys and plinths. He shows materials and how to use them for great showbases... a woodbase...

 ...dead desert base...
 ...or a funny ice base.
 He shows a step by step to paint marble on a roman pillar, very great result! I like this capitel most.
 Two following step by steps are a small insight at sculpting...
 ...and the correctly use of pigments for dust and mud.
 It was nice to see like Jeremie build his socket labels and which material he use for this. I could say he surprised me a bunch of times.
 After the "rude" work the DVDs showes the more complicated and interesting detais for advanced painters, the step by step how to paint faces.
 In the capitel "painting faces" Jeremie shows in another theory part his way to paint eyes.
 Who thought that is all the DVD explain thought wrong. It goes on with TMP (True metalic painting) ...
 ...and NMM (none metalic metal).
 How to paint leather,...
 and how to paint realist blood.
The last step by step is about jewel. So you have all things you need to start painting show miniatures.

The finish of the DVD is a gallerie of miniatures by Jeremie with an explaination what technics he use and what he want to show with that miniatures, the reason why he choose that ways and his experience after painting them.

After all I must say a very great! combination. The perfect DVD-set for painters starting to paint show miniatures or those who want to become better. You get informations about the most important technics by a great painter and also a great teacher.
Jeremie speaks a good understanding English and shows his way to paint clear and step by step. The only negative thing I could say is that the subtitle switches very fast so you havn't the time to read it complete without using the break button.


  1. wow, absolut tolle bilder. Die DVDs sind bestimmt der Hammer

  2. Wenn man ne solide Basis will wären die mein erster Rat.