Pimp your waterpot

Happy weekend paint fans,

because gamesday is near if have to paint more and faster to get ready. When you try to paint al long time without a break the "little things" you galls get bigger and bigger with every minute...
One of this little things is to find your brushes on the table when you switch them while painting. And when you find them the brushtip is dryed and hard...
...sooooo I have to change something, I choosed the waterpot ( clap your hands we have a winner ;-) )

At first I took a plastic bowl and cut a peace of like you can see in the picture below.

Then I use a hot air gun (importent to form plastic,  otherwise it will crack or burst) to heat the plastic bowl in the middle and form it like the third picture.

hot air gun, get something like this for about 15 € - 25€
 After forming the bowl I cutted five slots into the front. You have to take care to cut them not to wide, 1mm smaller than the thickest point of your brush ( and don't forget, you have more than one size)

Ready! A fast and cheap! 

And now hurry up and paint you never paint befor ;-)

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