Hey peopls,

Long time has passed since my last post. So what happened here in that time?

First of all I painted minis, minis, minis and mor minis. All comissioned, all for work:) So buisness runs pretty good these days.

There was a contest also, as you all might know, Duke of Bavaria. A very nice event, with loads of amazing painted and sculpted Minis. I was able to pick up a small price :D pretty happy about that, cause it was the first trophae since a long time. I never had time to paint for competitions, and so I wasn't able to let a jury look at my minis. But I'll try to. Do more of that.

And than there were well deserved holidays in Turkey for two weeks with my whole family and loads of friends. A group of 24people. Really really great time. Sun, beach, sea, Volleyball and party all the time. Awesome, nothing else.
But coming home was not very nice. Rain all over, a ten meter bride river was flowing through my backyard, the basement was floated over a meter high, and everything round my house and my neighbours houses was just full of mud and damage. So there will be still much time to invest to repair everything thats full of mud and dirt. No big capitaldamages, but loads of time to fix everything, and bring it back in position. Renaturating the yard etc etc.

I painted some new stuff, busts and little scenes, and worked hard on some basing tutorials which will come up soon. By the way, my fifth basing workshop is online and I would be happy to see maybe some of you. Complete different concept and way more stuff to learn :) Check it out here.

Read you soon, I promise :D

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