Epoch Studioz: Painted Tyranid Bitz for Online Shop

Hey there painteholics,

About a week ago I showed you the epic tyranid bitz comming from epoch studioz. The paintjob is done and the webshop will be updated with all the gribbly photos soon. Here is a quick comparison chart for all the nasty bitz. if your're into alien or tyranids. Check out this epic epic bits from Epoch Studioz. And wait! There will be more in the future :D


  1. absolute brilliant paint job Simon.
    I've got a thyranid champion look like an alien by alien 3 the movie on my "want-to-paint"-list. The head in the middle is a must have for this. ;-)

  2. hey there, what head to you mean? the head exactly in the middle is pretty damn big. it barely fits a trygon. But tell me what you need and I gonna get you one :P

  3. Which head fits which model, then? What size for Tyranid warriors for example?