WIP: Bikerstorm #2


the project go on and on. After Christian Hardy remeberd me (thanks for this) to read the GD rules more precisely (I need 5 bikes for a 40k unit, not only 3 I thought,), I asked a friend and get three bikes from him.
Sooooo, I have to paind faster (...like Malekith would say about this ;-) )!

Because I want 5 different biker I have much work to do...
...what the fffffffu... work more precisely!!!
that's better :-)
Stones and wood...
....small impression, I want the Unit as a litttle surprise.

 In the next days I 'll post more of them.


I start to collect tutorials for "tutorial checkout", I also want to write a list of tutorials where you can find the covenient tutorial for your project and also as an inspiration for projects in the future.
Do you know tutorials or great pages with tutorials please tell me in the comments.


  1. Dark future gaming has a section for tutorials...


  2. tutofig.com

    A pretty nice collection of tutorials from all over the web, and it keeps growing.

  3. Thank you two, much to read and try :-D