Sockets, sockets, sockets...

Hello my tinker friends,

Golden Demon Germany is near and there is so much to do,...
Yesterday I worked the hole day in my carpenter's workshop, here are some of the results. Hope you like them :-D
Socket 1: First the socket for my gunbot with enough place for a socketlabel.

Socket 2: This one is made for a cybot by Malekith, he like the contours discreet.

Socket 3: This one would carry a cybot by SkelettetS on his top.

 Socket 4:

 This lovely on is for one of my next projects, didn't know which figure/s or what kind of stile it would be...

Socket 5: This extraordinary piece asked Barfrau me to build, I'm very curious about the project too.

Socket 6: This socket for a terminatorbase was a try, no plan for this yet.

 Socket 7: And this nice one is for my project called "Lorelai" for the Brushbrothers/sisters contest 2013

Socket 8: And the last one is my baby :-D, "the Bikerstorm" socket.

 This sockets are not ready yet, they needed to be oiled and waxed but the store I buy my varnish and oils had to order them... so I have to wait... I hate waiting....

You can use this to tell us in the commends which socket you like or not. If you got an idea for another extraordinary piece or have you found one at the web send me a draft/link at

Have a nice sunday and enjoy happy painting.

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