Scale75 NMM tutorials

Hi guys,

today I found three tutorials from Scale75  about NMM at a blog I read regulary, Bottega Moderna

First I thought what a bad tutorial, but the result is amazing!
Have fun:

The last video you find here: NMM GOLD


  1. definately gonna try the NMM metal

  2. It looked like he was laying the paint on pretty thick... No thinning at all???

  3. @Kelly: I think so too. But i can´t believe that the colors has the best condition for that. I like the idea of the complete metal sets,but i think there are blendings between the areas, those who not shown in the video.

  4. hola !!! estoy por pintar el lawrence of de arabia de andrea miniature alguien lo pinto o saben de algun tutorial que me pueda ayudar ? se agradece <3
    saludos me encanta esta pagina :)