Miniature painting DVD with Jeremie Bonamant Taboul

Hey tutorialfans,

I'm realy happy today because "IT" is hier!  Today the painting DVD "Volume 1" by Jeremie Bonamant Taboul arrived. I'm a big fan of tutorial-DVDs, becouse it is a "black hole" where I live refert to our hobby. After I read the review of the DVD "Volume 2" posted by Toolinger in german, (here another one by Kraan in english) I want it. I start with Volume 1, it's even better if you start with the first DVD of a compilation.

More about the DVD tomorrow,now I must look the first parts :-)

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  1. geil! da bin ich gespannt, erst vorgestern habe ich mir Vol 1 und 2 und noch die sculpting DVD bestellt bei Jeremie! :D Bin seeehr aufgeregt