"Happy Monk" painted by Ben Komets!

Good morning miniature painters of the world,

as you can see at our blog-follow-list at the right of our blog, we're following also is a realy nice side for great painters and them they want to get great too ;-)

Most of you will know them and  there "giveaways" and chances to get prices you get nowhere else.
As you can read at the headline the "Happy Monk" painted by Ben Komets is todays topic.

Why should I read this post?
Becouse there is a detailed step by step of the "Happy Monk" by Ben Komets!
You will find the original post here.

In this post there are also great knows about the - "Season 1: Target Identified"

And now I'll go on reading the "Happy Monk" step by step and try to do some of the steps ;-)
and don't forget, tomorrow is Mother's Day! Run-run and bye flowers :-D

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