Jeremie Bonamant Taboul Volume 1 (small preview)

Good morning,

today it's a very nice shiny day so I and my wife will went to town. As a small preview of the review of Jeremie Bonamant Tabouls Volume 1 here my first impressions.

After the first parts of the DVD I could say you will realy like the tutorials. Jeremie teaching his way to paint like a friend will show you some tricks; nice, accurate, friendly,  ... simple face-to-face.
You can choose French or English as DVD language, and also French, English, Spanish, Italian or German as Subtitel.

Pros: Jeremie speaks a very clear and easy understanding  English.
Cons: The subtitle would be shown very short time. For checking a vocabular you didn't know, it's ok. For read the whole text better use the break-button.

I looking forward to see the rest of the tutorial-DVD. The big review I will post after the weekend, here some small video preview from Jeremies page about the DVD Volume 1:

And for all who want more,here is Jeremies youtube site.


  1. Great! I'm preparing a review myself because I had the chance to watch the DVDs on this weekend. I'm really curious how you as a way more better painter than I will find this DVD :)

  2. Till now I can say he is a very good teacher. The most technics I know but everybody use them there own way. All together made a great painter ;-)