Epoch Studioz Tyranid Bitz Review

Hey there painteholics,

This time I wont come to you with a part of my Necron Armies on Parade Board. Because a new Bug Brother made its way through the digestion pool of our lovely tyranid fan board www.warpshadow.com. I was looking through the threads and BÄM it hit me like an adrenal glanded Tyrant on steroids: Some of the coolest bits I have seen in a pretty long time. If you dont believe me, check out the Epoch Studioz Homepage and dont forget to check out the shop section. Because these Bits are not only pretty usefull and top notch looking- they are pretty cheap,too. :)

Today I received my package loaded with godly gribblyness. Check out the pictures and be prepared for some new conversions in the future :D

1 comment:

  1. Schaut ja gut aus! Damit kann man dann mal echte ALIEN Tyras bauen :)