Dust Tactics Medium Combat Walker

Good Afternoon from sunny Liverpool! Today I made a start on my next project, The Medium Combat Walker from Dust Tactics, the model itself is pretty cool and is nicely detailed but bear in mind that the model itself is a gamers model rather than a painters model, if you do want one you will have to spend some time cleaning it up and even more time if you want to change the pose.

The idea behind the model is to combine a sci fi theme with a more historical paint job, so ill be using traditional weathering techniques with the strong colours and zenithal lighting I'd use on a sci fi vehicle. The walker itself will be a deep red but will have a White Wash Camo effect.

Here is the model, its literally just an undercoat of black with a coat of VMC Carmine Red for the moment, Ill start working on the shading later this evening.

And here is a sneak peek of the white wash camo, the turrent is a secondary one I received in the Walker set, I wanted to have a quick at how the white wash combined with the red.

I am quite tempted to write a small step by step for this model, if you would like to see one, let me know in the comments!