Workshop: Cybot like the golden demon terminatores by Pascal Urgiero (review)

Hey painters out there,

Saturday is over and the workshop done. It was a great time and so much new technics and tricks to practis at home. I was very surprised about the results,they were terrific!

Here some pics and inspirations...

First the teory how it should look like...
...step by step how to... it have to look like.
My cybot after the first step.
Two thumb up, that it what we would like to see :-)
...a very great modification.
Nice one!
Concentration please.

The gang ;-)
Whereby you can detect a great instructor, every results are excellent!
...a big thanks to Pascal

All I could say, it`s every time a nice, informative and exciting event. If you are interestet for this, there will be a second workshop at 11.05.2013 (more informations here). This time Pascal will show the same technique at a drop pot.

My finished cybot and a tutorial how I build and painted my base coming soon after the golden vinci entry is approved :-)

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