Tutorial: Socketlabel "flammed paper"

Hey freaky painters,

today I want to show you how I did the socketlabel of the witchhunters,look like flammed paper.

What do you need?
  • 1 aluminium sheet (I use 0,3mm from aero-naut, 40mm x 80mm)
  • a cutter
  • a gripper
  • a clipper
  • a base and patterfix or similar to fix the label
...and the colours:
  • primer black
  • scorched brown (GW old) or similar
  • snikebite leather (GW old) or similar
  • ivory (vajello) or similar
  • scap red (GW old) or similar
  • devlan mud wash (GW old) or similar
Step by step
...lets go!

cutting the aluminium sheet...
cutting, deform, and crack the border. Polish the label with sandpaper befor priming!
Fix the label on a socket or similar.
Prime it with black.
First highlight the middle with ivory to set the fokus there.
Paint the surfaces all around the ivory with snakebite leather.
Paint now around the ivory with scourched brown, let a small band of snakebithe visible.
Paint now around the ivory with pur black and let a small band of scourched brown  visible.
After this paint on it what you like (name,freehand,etc.) then wash all over with devlan mud.
After drying it should be look like this. I spot all over the label black with a sponge for an "old look".
Fix it on your socket, I use four small nails and paint them nnm steel.
 Have fun trying ;-)

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