Tutorial: Cybotbase, step by step

Hiho paintingfreaks,

here is a small step by step tutorial how I did my Cybotbase, "the fast way".
I do all the steps with the airbrush but for the washes and highlights.

 So I bigan:

First using earth for underground...
...sand into the corners and cracks...
...priming 2k with airbrush, lighter parts white, darkest black
...scorched brown (GW) all over but for the stones...
...next step, darkseablue (vallejo) on the top of the stones.
...waaagh flesh (GW) on the earth-parts and bottem of the stones.
...next a thin layer of dawnstone (GW) on the top of the stones, the skull and top of the plant.
Wet in wet, asurmen blue wash (GW) into the dark parts, thraka green wash on the lighter parts.
...at last drybrushing the hole base carfuly with ivory (vallejo).

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