The Priest #5

Hey folks!

I´m very busy at the moment because of my final exam. In the next two month my posts would be getting very rare. I hope i´m going to find time for painting in this two month. And if, i let you know this ;)

My last pictures and photos from my works are not the best, and so i asked a friend of mine to borrow his camera. That´s no problem for him, and i take some shoots yesterday evening with his cam. The whole photo thing is new for me, but my first try is respectable i think. I did no big settings on the camera, only two things that works very well. I put the color-temperature to 6500k, the same like my lights at the desktop. And from time to time i choosed the manual focus anstead the automatic. And don´t miss the huge photographing tutorial from our ex-blogger Sleipnir. I will show you some new pictures with the cam on old projects of mine in the future. Lets start with a current WIP: The Sigma priest. And the last picture is view to my WIP cabinet.

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