The Priest #4

Hey folks!

The NMM* party goes on and on! My Sigma priest did steps foward (Here we have part #3), and after two more hours of painting, i almost finished the golden NMM armour. By the way, HERE you find a quick and easy NMM tutorial by Malekith in german
I know, there are some uncorrect lights on the metal, but i my eyes it looks good enough :) To paint this NMM makes so much fun, i know i have to paint the next armour in this way very fast after this miniature!

*non metal metalics 


  1. your link to the NMM tutorial doesn't seem to be working ? mini looks incredible though!


  2. Very nice!
    I just love the metal. I'm quite happy i sold you the priest. Don't think i could have done him that good. Though i'm sorry he was that hard to prepare (with the moldlines in the face).
    Can't wait to see him finished. Really lookin forward to it!