My first post! It's here! Finally!

Good afternoon all! I hope you are having a great day so far! So finally, my first post, I do apologise that its been so long in the making, as most of you will know, I am from the UK and at the weekend I attended one of our biggest shows and painting competitions, Salute .
Since my interview with Julius i'v been working very hard to get models finished for it, although I didn't get my main entry completed, I still walked away with a lovely trophy for 2nd place in Scifi Vehicle and Monster, my Contemptor Dreadnought doing the honours. Salute is an excellent competition and I'd recommend you keep your eyes peeled for the winners when they are posted!
Right! On to my first post proper! This post will be a small intro into models I have been working on in the last few months, hopefully it will give you a good idea of what I do and give you something to look forward to in the next few weeks and months!
First up is the box art for the Fiddler from White Dragon Miniatures, I literally finished this about 2 weeks ago so Alan at WDM could display it a Salute, I suggest you keep any eye on WDM's Facebook Page, the list of future release they have planned is as long as your arm and its filled with top quality mecha and large scale models.

 You can see more pictures at Cmon or PuttynPaint

Next up is the Samurai from Andrea Miniatures, I have been working quite alot on this guy over the last 2 months, I was originally hoping to enter him in Salute, but as the painting progressed my ambition did as well and the project grew in complexity and time ran out! 

The idea is inspired by a scene in one of my favourite animes, Samurai X.

Next up are future projects or projects on the 'to be completed' list

There is still alot of work to do on these projects, but I shall keep you up to date!

Thank you for the very warm welcome




  1. That digital camo is really nice. Must have been hard to get it to look right while not killing the detail on the model. The samurai is great too.

  2. Salute, Prost and cheers John! I love 'Mr. Miyagi' The idea with the light and the freehand looks awesome :) I´m sure, it was good idea to ask you to join our nerdy round ;)