Interview with Pascal Urgiero (Spielbar-Trier)

 Hallo painters out there,
today I want to present a great painter from Trier. He was the one who awake my interest for the miniature painting hobby and become a good friend too, Pascal Urgiero. This weekend he'll tell us in a workshop how he painted his winner-unit. We know good each other, and so I´ll take the chance for a small interview with the Gold winner :-)
"Pascal Urgiero" at his oger-workshop
Hey Pascal,
nice to meet you again. Thanks for your time to answer some questions about you and your way to golden demon gold 40k unit 2012.
Let´s start with some easy questions: where are you from, how old are you, ...?
- I am 41 and was born in Bünde Germany, but I am half italien

How did you get to the painting hobby?
- In 1992 a good friend of mine showed me the game Warhammer Fantasy and I startet painting Dwarfs. He used oil colors to paint his Dark Elves and I startet with Citadel colors right away and I had nice looking armies and many best painted armies on tournaments, but I wasnt the guy who could win a Golden Demon. I am into painting for real since I visited a painting workshop led by Ben.  
Do you remember your first mini?
- Yes I do: King Kazador (painted him in blue and red. really ugly) 
Warmachine Cygnar Colossel "Stormwall"

What are your first steps as miniaturpainter?
- I am looking at the mini for a long time, thinking about colors I want to use and what techniques are best on the mini.
Then I get together all the stuff I do need, colors, brushes and so on...

Did you have a favorit technic/effect?
- Yes, two: wet in wet on very small parts like skulls or leather bags and the long procedure of multi layering the shadows, sorce lighting or counter light, on a miniature with diffrent colors (purple, graveyard earth, dark sea blue, so)

What do you think is a must have tool and/or color?
- A wet palette and the color "dark sea blue"   

It was the first time you paint for golden demon. What were your wishes and what was it for a feeling to win gold?
- I was aiming for some compliments and maybe a top 6 position. The moment, a common friend of us, Simon, told me that I might have bronze, I was pretty happy, but when it wasnt my name called out for bronze and silver I felt like just before n exam I didnt trained for or the moment every noice in the pub is starving because a good friend is shouting out that you are going to tell a good joke. It was a great experience!
Gold at Golden Demon 40k unit 2012
How long does it take to build the terminatores? Was it easy for you to build them, because yellow isn´t easy to paint.
- It took me 2 weeks with 4-6 hours a day to just paint them. The main blendings I did with different brown colors and then I brought the yellow to the mini by thin glazes. Yep, wasn`t easy ;-)
Can you remember about your first thoughts were you saw the unit at the first place?
- Yea, wtf!
Let us assume there is a Golden Demon this year, do you have any new projects for that?
- Not really at the moment. I was very busy with my shop. Aint easy to run a Fantasy Shop too!

You're the owner of a hobbyshop called "Spielbar" in Trier. How did that happend?
- Thats easy: their was no Fantasy shop and Trier had the potintial. Also GW saw that after I had 2 successfull years... ;-)

Baneblade Stormlord

Spielbar is much more then only a shop, what expects a visiter there?
- Competence, creativity, kindness and a lot of space to play games and paint miniatures

At last, which advise could you tell me and other painters getting a better painting skill?
- Practise, find your best water to paint mixture and love what you do. Oh, perhabs visit my workshops! ;-)

Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to painting with you at your workshop this saturday, best wishes for the coming years and events Pascal.

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