Deeededede deeeeedeedededeeedeedeeeeeeeee (wants to be century fox melody :D)

I am happy and masterproud to be ablo to bring gooooood news to you all out there waitin for our new blogmember.

Everybody asks who is it, is it me? Is it you? Whoooo is it?

Ya all wanna know?

You sure?

OK! Drumroll please,.....


Still goes on.....


Some more, for him I would do drumrolls all over my life....

Its da one and only, the Man from liverpool UK,..


APPLAUS APPLAUS,...hey you in that corner, clap your hands or I'll do...

Yes, it's my very good friend John Harrison, who you might know as Darkmessiah from CMON or from Platoon Britanica, the english painting forum. Or you heard about weekend workshop, the new dimension of workshops, which he is the initiator from. But later more.

As you can see he is very engaged in paintin and connectin the painters community, and thats one of the main reasons we picked him out and asked him to join our family.

To let you to get to know him, I made a little interview where I asked him some questions about life love and miniatures. Enjoy :)

Hey John, how do you feel now?

Always feeling good while talking to you honey princess :)

Hmm, same :)

Tell us something about you. Age, Skills, how long do you paint etc.

I am 28 now, my first time ever in hobby is already 16years ago. I was twelve when I saw GW the first time. It started with a 40k starterbox from 2nd edition.

I would say my painting skills are probably around high intermediate, I’d consider myself fairly well educated, I have really tried to push my understanding of the complexities of colour and contrast, but I still need to grow and fine tune that understand by sitting down and getting paint on models.

Personally I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near the top painters, I have been quite fortunate to attend workshop taught by world class painters like JMPN, Jeremie Teboul, Alfonso Giraldes. Seeing how those guys work was, and continues to be a massive eye opener, being able to hold and view their models is one thing but to see them painting and have them explain the ideas they are playing with as they work is another thing entierly, especially Jeremie.

I haven’t really got a favourite range or set of miniatures, I tend to choose my models from many different companies and they tend to be a bit of a mix of genre and scale, although I do seem to have alot of armoured vehicle/soldier type models!

From a technique point of view I use an airbrush for alot, its a very quick and powerful tool, from then I push the highlights and shadows using layers and glazes. I try to make my models really stand out through manipulation of contrast, light and atmosphere/story, I make a lot of effort to sit down before I pick up a brush and really consider how am going to add depth and contrast to the model.

As for the near future, world dominatio.. :P First up iv got Salute, a big comp in the UK for fantasy/scifi enthusiast, I want to make a big impact there, then I have to work out what comps I am heading to next since GW spoiled the Golden Demon party! I am looking at Duke of Barvaria, Spring Angel in Moscow and Monte San Savino, hopefully at the end of the year I’ll have improved my skills, made tons of new friends and have lots of shiny trophies!

And you are good in what you do, as we all can see in the actual figure magazine, where you got a painting article.

Thanks, big honour to be in one magazine side by side with great artist like sang eon lee :)

So you are the founder of weekend workshop. Tell us something about it.

Well weekend workshop is my baby. I want to get worlds best painters to do workshops. So we had four workshops with amazing painters and sculptors. Christopher Octive, Scott Hockley, Tue Kaae, and Rafael Garcia.

For Information about us, your invited to visit the website

Very cool stuff.

So what do you think about joining 5-th-dimensions family?

I am very happy about it, because there are some really driven and ambitious painters who won lots of prizes in t, who will sporn me to paint more minis over the time. I am similar with this way of paintin. Ambitious and driven :)

And thats what we all are looking forward to. Seeing the process of your projects will be amazing. I am very looking forward.

Happy welcome and,... you know what :***


  1. Cheers mate and welcome in our cirlce of nerds!

  2. Cheers mate and welcome in our cirlce of nerds!

  3. Happy welcome in the dimension John :-)

  4. yeah hejsan och välkommen john!

  5. Cheers for the warm welcome chaps!