Bloggernews #7: Warlords, Lava and awesome paintjobs

Hey Bloggerfriends!

It´s time for some news. So let´s start!

Something big:
I found a nice project at the blog of our friends 'Die Vincis'. The member Phil build his own Warlord Titan. Current there are five parts. Stay tuned there for more!

Lava Base Tutorial:
On Mr. Lee´s Painting Emporium you can find a nice tutorial to paint a Lava base without any special specialeffects :)

An awesome paintjob:
Today i would like you to recommend I like their way of doing, because there is funny stuff the posts, and the most paintjobs recieved videos when there are finished.

The Pros:

He´s back!
Our old friend Arne aka Sleipnir is back in Bloggerbusiness. Check out

Nice Art:
Found this nice french blog with very impressive paintings:

Dark Eldar:
If you like Dark Eldar check out They have nice conversions

!: :D

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!!! Enjoy your week !!!

best wishes

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  1. Hey! Glad that you liked the tutorial! Will pass this news on to the artist so that he can help provide more for the future!