The working painter #2 workbench

 Hello painters out there,

today I finished my work on my workbench (temporarily ;-) ). So much have been changed but I´m realy happy now to show you my new workbench.

All a hobby room have to exhibit. A place for me and for a freind for painting party, space for materials and MUSIK! ;-) (if you look closely... epic monkey drums,fuck yeah!)


  1. space for WIP and finished minis
  2. space for materials
  3. space for tools
  4. a board with raised borders (easy to clean for modeling etc.)
  5. toolbox
  6. drawers for colors (these are from ikea)
  7. daylight lamp
  8. underlayment for painting
  9. airbrush squeezer and dustbin
  10. modern jukebox ;-)

  1. bord with raised borders 
  2. underlayment for painting
  3. brushes
  4. drawers for colors
  5. cleaning pot for the airbrush (a must have)
  6. toolbox including knifes, pipettes, etc...
  7. blow-dryer
  8. wetpalett
  9. mixed palett
  10. thiner and water
  11. airbrush cleaner, jar-cleaner (Sidolin streifenrei for blendings), stillwater, etc
  12. chromatic circle ( small help for the color choice)
  13. daylight lamp
  14. webcam for painting party via skype
  15. marble floortile as sculpting underlayer
  16. water pot
  17. handkerchiefs

Now I´m ready for paintig, the witchhunters crying because they want to be finished yesterday.

*update* To-do-list:
1. workbench
  • cleaning up your workbench
  • organizing your workbench/working tools
  • colour decanting
  • choose a place for work in progress 
  •  something in reach to play inspiring music, IMPORTEND!!! ;-)
  • place for WIPs
  • place for materials
2. decimate the hall of shame
  • sort the projects by there finishing deadlines
  • chose a continuous time for painting
  •  preparing tools/minis for paintig to save time
  • finishing a project
  • trying to paint faster/ more projects in less time
  • get feedback/ tips to get better
  • start the next projects not befor finished a peace out of the hall of shame
3. new projects 
  • Idea of a never seen project
  •  make a plan/ picture how it should be look like
  • searching for a mini/minis
  • try something new/ new technic

To be continued...

Groundwork is done, now I will do the next step, "finishing a project".

We wish you all happy holidays, nice Easter and a great, relaxing painting time!


  1. Sieht klasse aus !

  2. nice, but it doesnt beat my own awesome hobby area! - kitchen table and a portable rack carrying a million pots in a some sort of organized chaos. hobby room = luxury ;)

  3. What model light are you using? Are you satisfied with it? Does it produce alot of heat and evenly distribute the light?

  4. damn awesome. Is this actually in trier ?

  5. @Skelettets
    since the day we have cats ther is no save place in the house, hobbyroom is the answer^^

    first I used the "Economy - Nature Color Bulb by Megaman
    (MM53515 / 23W daylight - 965 B) but this become very hot.
    Now I use the Tri Tube Pro, you can get it here (
    nearly daylight, without shadows and without heat.

    yes Sir ;-), 40km from Trier away^^

  6. Very very nice.. I really like your set up though not so sure on the paints in drawers. I like having them out and on display so that I can pick and choose based on what I can see. Plus it motivates me further :) Aside from that.. ace set up ( envious of the drums! ).

    1. Thanks, I also thinking about the paintrack by crazywenky. I decide the drawers becouse of the cats. And so I also have the place to put something on the top of them. ( I think it will be a rack by crazywenky ;-) )

  7. Cool Stuff. Maybe we could arrange a painting day somewhere in the future ;D