some impressions


there is so much to do, there has so much been done. But now I can show you some pics from my workbench, some pics I made those busy days.
At the moment I am workin on some Necrons, in a colorsheme I have never seen before(blue-gold). I am also workin on some Freebooters miniatures including a massive Dioramabase (30x50x30). Building up a Tyrael from DiabloIII in 40mm for a comissioner, and doin some stuff for the Duke of Bavaria competition in early May :)
So enjoy some of my pics, and be sure to hear some more from me until now ;) I am workin on some basing tutorials, form basics to high end basing, so stay tuned :)

read you soon :)


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  1. Na,da können wir uns jahr auf ein geiles Frühjahr freun.