Painting Sky/Earth

Part 2: Earth!

While my fellow comrades at the dimension havig their slacking weekend there has been hard work in dark, cold Sweden, lol. this is part two of my little step by step painting blue ultramarin-ish sky/earth.
First part can be read here;

For earth colors Ive chose some that are not the same as sky, but not too far away. It has to be a darker set of colors, so for basecoat I used midnight blue. After much thought I decided to add a little (hawk) turquoise in the mix instead of just plain blue. that changed the nuances a bit but still the object look whole.

Focus on the kneepad. This time even my sh*t camera agreed. Basecoat, midnight blue.

Started to highlight… upside-down! Earth has its darkest point at the middle of objects, and follows the highlighting of sky. Roughly 50/50 midnight earth hawk turquoise.

Adding more and more white to the mix

Shading using only midnight blue and later a bit black.

And last but not least, edge highlightning

…but, something doesn’t feel right. This can really give you a headache! i thought the second boot were one of the easier part, but i failed to split the different sides in segments. Turns out, as the boot has a slightly different angle than the kneepad, and are exposed to more "sky", the horizontal line had to be lowered a bit. While the sided of the boot have approximately the same shape as knee (just slightly more cone-ish, therefor more bended horizon). That mean, the horizon on the different sides will not meet.
To illustrate this in a better way…

Horizont B becomes lower than the horizont on the knee, as the angle is different and more exposed to "sky". on the sides, horizont A begin at the middle of the boot, as the knee.

The problem with painting a miniature in SENMM is that it is 3D. That means, it’s very hard/impossible to make SENMM technically perfect from every angle, especially a solid metal piece like this. Sooner or later you have to make some compromising what’s correct and what’s esthetically appealing, as you can’t force the viewer to look from just one angle (unfortunately ;) )

Done, ready for kackass action! Oh wait, something is missing… I feel about this right now…


  1. "While my fellow comrades at the dimension havig their slacking weekend there has been hard work in dark, cold Sweden" HA! :D

    Hard work? Where is it? ;)

    Stunning work my swedish friend, breathtaking! Do think we can see the Bot live some day in Germany?

  2. hi,

    never really tried senmm, but i got i model where i want to use it....
    i would go for an esthetically good look rather than a technical correct one.
    because if you would go for this, you would have to paint the reflections of other model parts aswell...

    great work