No Team without a name!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the games will start in a few seconds. The teams are ready to rock. Today it´s time for :


Both teams are in their boxes. The players are full of adrenaline and all amours and spikes are oiled, ready to spike some asses! The hometeam is moving on the field. Lets welcome the Orcland Raiders with a big applause, or throw your old bananas and rotting eggs on them now!. The Raiders are very green today and on the field now ready to play. But where are their opponents?"
"Ooooohhh the gates from the box are moving! It´s smelling BRRRRRRRUAHAU .... the nurgle team is coming .... LET´S WELCOME WITH A MIGHTY AND UGLY APPLAUSE AS THE AWESOME ............................. 
Hmmmm, who are these guys?"

In the last days from time to time i spoke about my Nurgle Blood Bowl Team, such as HERE or HERE.
I showed a lot of WIP pictures like that ....

or that one ....

Now i would like to do a series about the team. The building of the showbase, the player bases, the color scheme, the building of the Big One, and maybe more. They are on the best way to become a huge and ugly and slimy nurgle football god, but at this moment, they have now character. It´s a team wihtout a name! How can a team with no name kick some Orc asses (or other damn breeds)? It doesn´t work.

I think i´m a halfway creative painter. I can play with colors and from time to time the thing looks good. (okay, it´s very subjectively ;) ) But i have one big problem: I´m a bad storyteller and my creativity to create names are a big problem for me. Now i need your help!

Please help me to find a cool and ugly name for the team!

Are you the man who have a great idea for the name, write it down in the comments. If i vote your proposal, you get small, small present ;) If there are a bunch of cool names, i will choose randomly.

Now it´s your time! Please help the Nurgle guys to become a team with character!

Thank you guys!

Btw: In the posts before, i couldn´t say that the guys will ever play a game. Yesterday i met a friend of mine, who´s playing Blood Bowl! I think it´s not excluded that they now realy play the game some day :D


  1. The Rotten Rangers oder The Rotten Raiders. Sound fitting for a nurgle team. I'm excited that you decided to make a series of articles for the team. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Rotting Rust Renegates. Decay Defenders. Ugly Undertakers. Vomit Thunder, rotting Rüpels...

  3. With respect to WFB universe Leichenberg (small city bordering Mootland) could be the origin of your rotting warband:

    Leichenberg Lepers

  4. Thanks a lot guys! All your proporsals sounding very cool. I have one favourite at the moment, but where i had a big smile in my face was as i read 'Rotting Rüpels' :D (But it´s not my preferred choice now)

    Give me more!

  5. Dukes of BioHazzard


    Rotting Hood: Meningitis