New tools for Dellolyn

Hello painters out there,

it starts with a small cleaning up work in my paintingroom...
...the result was a complete rebuild of two rooms, including my paintingroom :-( Till Easter the work should be done.
The remaining time I used to provide much-needed purchaisings. New tools for Dellolyn :-D

The most importend tool at first,my new Digicam! I decide the Fujifilm Finepix HS30EXN (256€ by Amazon), a very nice Bridgecam with a perfect Supermakro-mode.

The following tools I saw by differend painters we met at the painting weekend in Munich.

 The daylight lamp from Battlefield Berlin, you will never miss it.

The aero colorset from schminke including white, black, 
cyan, magenta, etc. (the bordercolors of the chromatic circle) and brasil brown.
I bought also the transparent white for priming.
Empty bottles from vajello for color decanting.
Airbrush fast clutch for fast switching of your airbrushguns.
Cleaning pot for my airbrush including a airbrush mount.
Two brushes by Winsor & Newton. One of them was a gift from Barfrau, "Thanks a lot my friend".

I'm glad to try my new tools, finsih my WIPs and start new projekts.
So hard for me to wait till my paintingroom is finished...

So long,Dellolyn.


  1. Hey Micha, Could you send me a mail at ?? I have a project in mind I need your skills on :D Maybe we could do a little crossover project :P

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