Deamon Prince Undivided

Heeeeeey there painteholics,

sllllooooowwwwly the Unleashed gets up from the Throne (Desk), leaving alone the horrific machine (Mac) that chained him to the ground for so long. Old Tasks are done ( Bachleor: Did it), old enemies defeated ( killed that wicked brush that nearly destroyed my last project). A new era awaits. The waiting is over. Katan, the Unleashed is back in the mix and shows you some footage of his latest project.

Ok `nough heroic blabla. I AM BAAAAAACK :D Also I will still be busy but I think i will find some time to post some projects here and then. And what better way then to kick it of with a decent big, bad Deamon Prince Undivided. My Customer said Tabletop Quality + and thats what he's getting. A ground solid Paintjob that will get some Ohhs and Ahhs on the Battlefield, nothing to fanzy, just a pretty damn cool Tabletop Mini, ready to lead the hordes of Chaos into Battle. Without any further blaaa, here are the pics:


  1. Awesome...who produce this model?

  2. Hahaha :D I think I know the guy who build that :D

  3. its your work hydra? Or Pinkys? :P

  4. Unholy GOD! That is a cool build and paint job.

  5. The prince is great!
    The wings need some work, though :( Nothing about your painting, just the quality of the sculpting/construction ain't so hot. If it was ZEE MIGHTY HYYDRA, he clearly got lazy ;P

  6. nice one.
    but i recomend to put one or two layers of skin tone over the tattoo.
    at the moment the tattoo looks like fresh from the needle.


  7. ahhh ZEE MIGHTY HYYDRA :D many said it look like Illidan from WOW. Was that your aim or did it just turn out that way. Anyway pretty awesome model. Do I see a Hive Tyrant beneath all that GS? :P

    @Hrld: yeah that would be an idea. never did that with a freehand. But I'll try it the next time I paint a tattoo :P