Bloggernews #6: Sculpting, Giger, Nurgle and the last Banana

Hey friends!

It´s time for more Bloggernews. Let´s go! :

Sculpting deluxe:
Take a look on Darkspwans Blog. He´s an awesome sculpter! And don´t miss the grey pilgrim!

How to sculpt a Chaos Lord? Not realy a tutorial, but i like the way of showing the steps :)

The best motivation for your new Nurgle conversions!

Premium Freehand:
Yesterday i watched 'Prometheus'. HR Giger is all around us!

Ask the Pros:

Miniature of the month:
Vote for your miniature of the month on Chest of Colors! (My favourite are the green guys ;) )

The weekend workshop:
A nice project in the UK.

More Sculptors:
I don´t know where i found this blog, but i´m glad about it :)

Monsters baby!
Monsters for everybody. And of course inspiration for your next beasty miniature.

We need more customes :D

The last Banana:
We can use our hobby for more! Serafin shows us how to do that.


Check out this stunning and breathtaking places! (Thanks Arne ;) )

If you have an own blog, or some stunning and interestings links to other blogs, let me know it under:


best wishes

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