WIP: Witchhunter

Hey painters,

influenza is everywhere in germany, this week influenza is visiting our home ...
I used the time to work on the witchhunter projekt for the painting meeting in munich.

When I thinking about witchhunter, I see a picture of farmer and poor people with flambeaus, forks wearing dirty rags...
This "witchhunters" are march through a dark lane build of cobblestones with a evil-smelling effluent fluting in the middle of the lane.

So, here are my aktuelly work :-)
 Four Witchhunter ready (basing not includet), three minis open ;-)

 More of the projekt comming soon.
So long, enjoy happy painting :-)


  1. Schöne Truppe, aber bitte mach die Ziegelsteine in waagrechter Anordnung, so macht das keinen Sinn und sieht komisch aus.

    1. Abwarten, das wir Bruchstein ;-) Glaub mir, da hab ich in meinem Haus auch ewig nach ner Logik gesucht, ohne Erfolg.