The gathering will come ....

Hey folks!

February could be a nice month for the dimension crew. In the end of the month, we meet each other AND a lot of other painting-nerds join us. Malekith invited us all to Munich for a big painting weekend. No, not in his house, we can´t take the responsibility for that ;) The gathering is in the same location, where Stefan Rath aka derwish did his painting-class last year. Can´t remember? No worries, check THIS LINK!

When everything becomes fine, four of us dimension freaks and up to 8 other painters could be there. Malektih will show us a way to paint a group, a team, a gang, a mob, whatever .... in a short time and with high results. But it´s also a big painting session with painting what ever we want, "expertise" chats, to share each other knowledges and maybe a good wine or other drinks in the evening ;)

My personal goal is to paint a Blood Bowl Team (or parts of it) on this weekend. I don´t play Blood Bowl anymore, but i like the old miniatures so much, so they need new colored! In this moment, there is a whole bunch of old Chaos Humans on my desktop. After i uncolored them all (with Aceton), they will get a new look. A ugly and slimy look. They are one the way to get nurgled! It´s a lot to do, but i´m looking forward to prepare them for Munich. If you have good hints or tutorial links for the "Nurglefication", feel free to post it in the comments. It would be a pleasure for me :)

Back to Munich:

It´s not a usally workshop. It´s a bigger paintmeeting with friends or coming friends ;)
If you want to join us, let us know it! 


  1. booo i feel excluded! lol, have fun guys!

  2. A qwestion ? Wath is Nurgelfication
    Can you tell me the answer in German....

    thanks Bernd

  3. @Stefan: Feel free to join us ;)

  4. @Silver Nec: Not modification, it´s a nurglefication. My own creation ;)

    1. Oh in Deutsch ..... Na halt keine Modifikation sondern ein Etwas was genurglet wird. Halbwegs verstanden? ;)

  5. @silver nec

    Denke was Barfrau meint ist Nurgle als maximale Steigerung.
    Die Aussage ist:

    "Wenn ihr ein Tutorial oder eine Idee habt für etwas das abgefahren nach Nurgel aussieht, hier als comment"