The 5-th-dimension Gathering in Munich #1

Hey dear Paintaholics! 

We met each other the last weekend in Munich. We posted a lot of threads in the last days about the preparations and more (check HERE#1, HERE#2, HERE#3, HERE#4 or HERE#5). The whole time we were round about 8 to 9 painters, and every day we get visits from friends in Munich or around. So we had a lot of painting, spraying, sculpting, building, and nerdy talk the whole time. Everybody has different knowledges and all together we could help each other everywhere. From time to time Markus gave a theory and praxis hour in changing themes of painting. The weekend was a pleasant mix of a big painting session with workshop atmossphere.

Our personal coach Markus, on the right: Dellolyn

Markus and me at his own workbench

Julius the Artfist

Our 'inactive' member SK4TE

The Fox

The King!

The 'workshop' was the first part of following painting sessions. The goal is to finish a small playable group of miniatures. It could be a Mortheim gang, or in my case a Blood Bowl team. I don´t know, if the team ever will be play a game, but i played it 12 years ago and i like the theme of fantasy Blood Bowl. So i will take more time for the team to finish it, so it becomes a nice part in my showcase :) In the next days, i will post a own thread about the team.
My personal highlight was the use of airbrush systems. It´s very effectivly for a group of minis, but i have the feeling, that it could be a second brush for me. There are a lot of possibilities and it made me more fun than a traditional brush at the weekend. Now i have to save money for my own :) 

My Nurgle Blood Bowl Team got a showbase in a fast overnight action!

My demand on working with brickstones is full now :)

Stay on, we have more posting in the next days about the weekend.

Thanks a lot to all participants for that awesome weekend! I hope we meet each other soon again.

And special thanks to Markus for hosting, cooking (he´s an excellent chef!) and teaching us! 

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