Nurgelfication ....

Hey Chaosfreaks!

The gathering in Munich is coming (for infos klick here), time is runnig and my studies takes a lot of it. But from time to time i took some minutes to relax at my workbench. As i told you, i´ll paint a Chaos Nurgle Blood Bowl Team at the gathering weekend. I found an awesome inspiration on "Mr. Bugman" did very cool Nurgle conversions with RottersBeastmenor other weird minis and i like his way of doing so much, that i tryed to do the same. But my sculpting skills are f***** up, and so i need another way to made my Rotters ready for a Blood Bowl match. Markus suggested me to take Space Marine shoulder pads. And that was a great idea :) Here are some quick shots. 

If you have any other ideas for more Nurgle and Blood Bowl, feel free to post it in the comments.

Enjoy your day, and don´t forget to visit Mr. Bugman ! ;)


  1. Great conversions! Love how much effort goes into making each player.

  2. Good nurgly convos. Keep them coming it's looking great.