Hurry up!

Hey Paintaholics!

Yesterday two events gets finished: My first exam time and the time for the Bananaliciuos Contest on Massive Voodoo! I think everybody of us knows the contest, but if not read everything about it HERE.
I participate on the contest only in one category. I planed to do more, but studies and a lot of other stuff detained me to do more. But I´m fine with my results, and who cares - it´s not the last competiotion on earth ;) With a lot other guys, I took my photos for the Fantasy Display in the last minutes and sent them at 11:30 pm to the jungel crew. On  the next pictures are the photsession with the guys, and one of my five entries. 

Now it´s time to looking forward to next week. As i told you, we will met each other in Munich two paint a whole weekend together and some friends. I call it the The gathering and I know there this will come some nice days in Bavaria :) 

Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned! 



  1. also just made a fantasy display, using a shit mobile camera unfortunately, my camera is broken. good luck in the contest!

    1. Camera broken, I know this problem too^^

  2. I made a diorama and banana :).
    Yes nice ork, but you can make more contrast in the metallics on the shoulders.