Chaos is comming!!!

Hey Chaosfreaks out there,

Chaos is comming!

Chaos is and would ever be my favor fantasy army. You can play the army in five absolut different ways.
It yould be an army of tanks,an army full of magic, an army of elitekillers,etc... (I like tanks ;-) )

At last it´s time for the new warhammer fantasy warriors of chaos army book.
 New chaos is great, new spells, new units, gifts of chaos, and many many more.
 Also new very great minis.
And my realy favorite minis, Throgg and Vilitch!

It´s very hard to wait till I can hold them in my hands. More about the new worriars of chaos when the armybook is my.
So long, chaos will lead your days! Don´t work against the gods of chaos!
 Never do!!! MUHARRRHARRRR!!!!!

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