Bloggernews #5: Candles, Pro-Painter and Art

Hey my painting blogger friends!

A long time has gone as we wrote our last Bloggernews ( Bloggernews #4: Samurais, Demons, Leather and the chef)! Unfortunately i´m very busy in this days, and there is not much time to blog. But i think the Bloggernews are very important and helpfully for the dimension and for you, and so i take a couple of minutes to write down some news (or old news that must seen!). Today i´ll focus more on quantity more than quality ;) Klick on the text under the headline to go to the linked pages.

Chest of Colors:

Julien Casses the second:


Putty&Paint - propainter in the spotlight:

The Russian Alternative:


Roman Van den Bogaert:
- Sculpting art without words <------- My personal favourite today ;)

Bohun Arts:

Massive Voodoo:

"Nurglefication" for your minis:

Enough stuff to read, enough for today. Enjoy your week and enjoy your hobby :)

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